Saturday, September 27, 2014


Now that we're home from the Alaska State Fair and (mostly) unpacked, we wanted to take a moment to bask in the afterglow, remember the beauty of the Matanuska Valley, and reflect on what it all meant. 

For us, the Alaska State Fair is about more than just the fabulous food, fun, and heart-stoppingly beautiful scenery. As a filmmaker, it gives us a rare and precious opportunity to show our films all day for 12 straight days to live audiences, and watch the audiences as they are moved, entertained, informed, and changed by what they see. We get to talk to our guests and teach them, and learn from them. We are part of the process of preserving and passing along history, and introducing children to the fun and excitement of learning about people who came before them. We are honored to listen to the stories of Alaskans who walk through the door and share their remarkable histories with us. It is a tremendous opportunity that most filmmakers don't get, and we treasure it.

Thank you to the good folks at the Alaska State Fair for bringing us back each year, and for giving us the opportunity to share this history in the magnificent Wineck Barn.
Thank you to the schools who send their third-grade classes to learn about Matanuska Colony history each day during the Fair, and to the students who are so eager to learn.
Thank you to the Palmer Historical Society for doing such a wonderful job of decorating the Barn this year, creating fun and informative exhibits, and providing such great docents to help welcome our guests.
Thank you to Helen Hegener and her family for helping out in the Barn, and for providing vintage farm implements to help bring the story of the colonists to life.
Thank you to Janet Kincaid, Sheri Hamming, Earl and Rebecca Wineck, Wayne Bouwens, Roy Hoskins, and everyone else who helped make our stay at the Fair both possible, and successful. 

And, of course, warm thanks to everyone who came by the Wineck Barn during the Fair to watch our films, share their stories, admire the Barn, and help us keep this community going.