Thursday, November 28, 2013


Today is Thanksgiving. The holiday season is here, and tomorrow we'll start posting information about holiday sales and ways to share our films with your loved ones for the holidays.

But today we just want to take a moment to give thanks. No project of the size and scope of our Alaska Far Away and Where the River Matanuska Flows could come to fruition without the hard work and support of many people. The credits for our films (see our press kit) go on and on, because it took that many people to help us bring these stories to the world.

So today we want to thank everyone who helped make our films, everyone who believed in us enough to support our efforts, everyone who has purchased our films, everyone who has shown up at screenings to enjoy our films with others, everyone who has helped spread the word. We are particularly grateful to all those who trusted us enough to share their stories on camera: it takes courage and faith to entrust strangers with your life stories, and we are forever grateful to them.

We are so grateful that the story of the Matanuska Colony came into our lives 19 years ago. It changed our lives forever.

With many thanks to you all. Happy Thanksgiving!

Joanie Juster and Paul Hill en route to film in Minnesota, 1995