Sunday, July 28, 2013

Something Special Is Happening In Dayton

We don't know why, or how, but something special is happening in Dayton, Ohio.

Each week we check the reports from American Public Television to see where Alaska Far Away will be turning up on the airwaves, so we can promote it to our followers and let them know when they can watch it on their local station. Most stations show a film once during prime time, with a repeat showing in the wee small hours for the insomniacs and folks with nocturnal schedules.

So imagine our surprise when we saw that ThinkTV - the station based in Dayton, Ohio - is showing our film FOURTEEN TIMES in a two-week period.

Yes, FOURTEEN TIMES. Prime time. Day time. Early evening. Late night. A time for folks with every type of schedule.

So if you live in the greater Dayton area, there's simply no excuse for missing Alaska Far Away over the next couple of weeks. And we're sending a big thank you to ThinkTV for believing in our film enough to give it this kind of exposure.

UPDATE 8/12/2013: And the screenings keep coming on ThinkTV, in both the Dayton and Cincinnati areas. Check our latest email for this week's screenings, and stay tuned - more are coming up in September. Thank you, ThinkTV!