Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday shopping? We can help.

Still looking for a meaningful gift for someone special on your holiday list?

We can help.

Order Alaska Far Away, Where the River Matanuska Flows, or BOTH films, and we will ship right away.

Who will enjoy receiving our films?  Your parents. Your grandparents. Your aunts and uncles. Your nieces and nephews. Your kids. Your kids who went off to college. Your kids who got married and now have homes of their own. Your kid's teacher. Your kid's school.  Your local library. Your local retirement home. Your neighbors. Your co-workers. Your friends. Or, frankly, just about anyone. Including yourself.

How do we know they will like them? Because we've shown our films countless times all over the country, and the response has been uniformly enthusiastic. People love these films because they make them laugh. They make them cry. They make them think. They make them reflect on their own family, and their own heritage. They learn something about our country that they didn't know before, but are very glad they learned.

So order our films, separately or together ($10 discount if you order them both!), and we'll pay the shipping. 

Just go to the page "Buy DVD's" (see tab above) to place your order. Thank you!