Sunday, September 16, 2012

Alaska State Fair Wrap-Up

Another Alaska State Fair is now over, and we're back in San Francisco sorting through photos, notes, and memories.

First, the photos. Are you following us on Facebook yet? We've posted dozens of photos from the Fair on our Facebook page. Follow this link to see the photos, and if you haven't already "Liked" our page, please take a moment to do so to stay up-to-date on all the news.!/media/set/?set=a.10151122687869089.454338.81831454088&type=1

We had a steady stream of visitors to the Wineck Barn all day every day throughout the Fair. Some came specifically to see our films.  Some came in specifically to buy our DVDs (we LOVE those folks!).  Some came out of curiosity - the barn is one of the first things you see when you come in the Red Gate at the Fair.  And many were drawn in by the lure of the Wineck Barn itself, standing big and majestic against Pioneer Peak, sporting a brand-new red roof.  It was easy to tell the people who knew about barns: the first thing they did when entering the barn was look up, to check out the construction.  Earl Wineck, the 86-year old son of Ed Wineck, who built the barn, visited us several times throughout the Fair to talk about its history and construction, so we were able to talk knowledgably about the barn to visitors.  Most of the barn is still original: the log walls, the windows and doors, the beams, and even the oakum chinking that keeps the Valley winds from blowing through the walls. People loved exploring the barn, and checking out the construction details.

Speaking of barns, Helen Hegener visited the Wineck Barn on September 1st to talk about her upcoming book, Matanuska Colony Barns.  She was joined by special guests Earl Wineck, and another colony kid, Wayne Bouwens, who knows a great deal about colony barns himself.  What a memorable afternoon! Many thanks to all who stopped by to listen, learn, and share their own knowledge of the barns.

Helen Hegener and Earl Wineck
Earl Wineck and Wayne Bouwens checking colony tract maps for barn locations